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Tour & Activities Programme

We offer an extensive tour & activities programme!

Would you like to to become acquainted with the culture and people of Thailand or just venture into the jungle or visit the surrounding islands to enjoy the beauty of Thailand with the beautiful palm-fringed beaches and the untouched nature outside Pattaya?

Then you’ve made the right choice with our tour service!

In addition, we have fantastic shows and adventurous activities in our program as well as various leisure parks for you, your company or the whole family to explore.

We undertake to provide reliable and safe tours with English speaking guides and a pick-up and drop-off service from the doorstep of your hotel in Pattaya. As an important addition to the safety of our guests, we guarantee that there are no hidden costs or extra fees for our tours.

For any queries or request for tour reservation, please contact us at any time and we will organise the tour as per your requirements. Our aim is to make your holiday in Thailand more enjoyable, bringing you memories and experiences you will never forget.